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For some, the idea of flashing bare legs is shocking and black opaque tights are an essential wardrobe staple. For others, bare legs mean sun-kissed skin and a feeling of freedom. Which side are you on?

Bare legs have become a valid everyday option, largely because flat shoes are fashionable again, so it’s ok to wear your denim dress with trainers or boots. Tights on the other hand are a necessary accessory, but are rarely described as stylish. It’s all fixing ladders on the way to work with clear nail polish, weird sizes that don’t fit your torso, dropped crotches that constantly need re-adjusted and holes in the toe that result in blisters.

Yes, tights can be comforting. And in the winter I’m not averse to a thick pair of tights (especially living in Scotland where bare legs aren’t really an option come October). In the summer however it’s a different story. There’s just a small window of opportunity to free our pins during the summer season, and I intend to take advantage of the warmer weather.

The bare legs dilemma continues to be met with much debate. To some, you might have questionable mortality if there’s legs on show, and to others it’s never acceptable to leave the house without a suitably sturdy M&S denier.

The way we approach baring our legs might have changed but classic dress codes shouldn’t be ignored. We all know the ‘one body part’ rule – if the legs are out everything else should be covered. So this three-quarter sleeve dress is ideal, because it covers your arms, shoulders and chest. If you’re in an office setting where suits and boots are the norm, then it’s fine to rock up with bare legs, although I’d recommend your hemline is longer than the one above.

Dresses and bare legs should definitely be part of your everyday summer wardrobe….

Denim dress french connection styleDenim dress and mirrored sunglasses

Dress With Flats
Sunny outside? Pop on a denim dress or skirt for dress down Friday. Shirt dresses work well with loafers or trainers. Flat shoes definitely look best, especially if you’re not wearing tights, plus flats are more comfortable. It’s a no brainer!

Skirt With Heels
Sometimes only your favourite pleated skirt will do. Wear heels with a floaty midi skirt that skims your calves and add a lightweight jumper for easy smart-casual style.

Flash An Ankle 
Got important meetings? If baring your legs feels too risqué opt for a pair of cropped trousers that show a few inches of  ankle skin. Just enough to feel summery without attracting the wrong attention. Dark colours are always a safe choice for the office.

Avoid Embellishment
Giving a presentation at work? Keep your legs bare but avoid wearing anything short or with elaborate embellishment. Nobody needs a button-popping wardrobe malfunction during a big speech.

For me, this denim dress, bare legs and boots combo is an easy option for running about town in the summer from meeting to meeting. However being freelance means I dictate my own dress code, giving me more freedom to experiment. The popularity of bare legs these days, means lots of us will be having a tights-free summer. If in doubt, test a simple midi skirt with flats on casual Friday, get some shin-on-show, and gauge the reaction.

Wearing: Denim Dress – French Connection | Silver Handbag (similar) – Whistles | Mirrored Sunglasses – Le Specs
Photographs: Kylie Martin

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